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Supply Chain Sustainability: Companies Leading the Charge

Have you ever wondered where that eco-friendly product you love comes from? Or how your favorite brands are working behind the scenes to keep our planet green? A big part of this is supply chain sustainability. Major corporations are reducing their...

Game Changers: Sports Teams Are Investing in Sustainability

Think sports teams are just about winning games and selling merchandise? Think again! Today, they're also scoring big for the environment. With their massive fan bases and high-profile platforms, teams have a unique opportunity to drive sustainable...

Sustainable Healthcare Facilities: Healing the Planet & Patients Alike

When you think of hospitals, you likely envision places of healing, bustling with doctors and nurses, sterile rooms, and advanced medical equipment. But what if these very centers of health are also significant contributors to environmental harm?

The Guide to Sustainable Facility Management for Long-Term Success

Are you looking to make your building and business more sustainable but don't know where to start? Achieving long-term sustainability isn't just a trendy goal—it's a necessity. But where's your roadmap? And how do you ensure you stay on the path?...

Charting a Course: Creating a Sustainability Plan

In the contemporary business landscape, sustainability is not merely an option, but rather an imperative. The collective understanding of investors, consumers, employees, and regulators has evolved to recognize that companies’ robust financial...

How Your Company Can Fight Climate Change

Imagine a future where every business works in tandem with the planet. Today, the reality of climate change is undeniably pressing, marked by steady increases in global temperatures, ice melt, and extreme weather events. Scientific consensus...

Zero Energy Ready Homes and The 45L Tax Credit

In today's sustainability-conscious marketplace, green building certifications are one of the best publicly visible ways for developers to demonstrate their sustainability consciousness. Certifications provide a framework for developers to follow...

7 Sustainable Practices Every Business Should Adopt in 2024

As Earth Day approaches, it's a timely reminder for businesses to reflect on their impact on the planet. This global observance emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship — something every business should prioritize, not just for ethical...

Building Resilience: Challenges of Extreme Weather

Architects, engineers, and contractors contend with site conditions when designing and building buildings. For example, structural engineers must evaluate the efficacy of soil conditions to support the structure. Civil engineers understand potential...