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Understanding Safe and Trigger Words in Eco-Business Language

In the evolving narrative of climate change and environmental sustainability, the language we use in business contexts plays a pivotal role. The evidence is overwhelming: over 99% of climate-related studies affirm that humans and human activity are...

Sustainability: Attracting Talent and Driving Business Success

In today's competitive job market, companies are finding that environmental sustainability is not only essential for the planet but also a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent. By prioritizing sustainability practices, businesses can...

The High Cost of Ignoring Sustainability: A Wake-Up Call for Business Leaders

The global demand for sustainability is rising, with consumers, governments, and international organizations pushing for stronger climate action. While these groups have the power to make a change, parts of the private sector are lagging, which is...

Litigation, Not Regulation, Will Drive ESG Progress

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the importance of businesses taking the time to evaluate how ESG can help spur growth. In this week’s blog, we invited commercial litigator and ESG expert, Richik Sarkar, to share his perspective on rising trends...

Business As a Force For Good

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Perhaps more than ever, business leaders see their organizations as agents for change positive change. According to a 2020 IDC report, "Over 90% of executives surveyed in 2020 consider...

Leading Women in Sustainability

To achieve the course correction necessary to achieve global sustainability goals, leaders around the world are stepping up. As business leaders, politicians, and everyday people have grown aware of the human impact on the climate; there has been a...

It’s Not Sustainable Without Social Equity

Yesterday kicked off Pride Month, a time when allies rally with their friends, families, and colleagues from the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate, educate, and mobilize for equity. Some of the first issues that spurred collective action that led to ...

All About EcoDistricts

Nearly one-half of the world’s population is currently living in cities--a figure that is projected to grow to two-thirds by 2050. The trend toward urbanization is clear, yet, in far too many instances, traditional development patterns have...

The Link Between DEI and Sustainability

Underscored by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, there is a link between human health and the planet’s health. Over the last couple of years, the pandemic and racial tensions has made clear a growing need for employers to better connect...