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Game Changers: Sports Teams Are Investing in Sustainability

Think sports teams are just about winning games and selling merchandise? Think again! Today, they're also scoring big for the environment. With their massive fan bases and high-profile platforms, teams have a unique opportunity to drive sustainable...

District Energy: An Innovative Solution for Commercial Heating and Cooling

In a building’s quest for reduced energy consumption and lower emissions profile, design teams are often tasked with evaluating system options for building owners. One such option is district energy. District energy systems utilize a central plant...

Energy Modeling as a Design Assist Tool

When it comes to designing new builds or renovations, energy planning is a real challenge — and is often deprioritized in the early design stages, with the focus being on design, engineering, and construction. However, if the planning of energy is...

Electrification 101--Part 2

The push to decarbonize buildings falls into the category of tactics toward the outcome of electrification. Since 39% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated from the built environment, decarbonizing buildings by reducing their reliance on...