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Matt Setzekorn

Mr. Setzekorn has seventeen years’ experience in the construction, design/engineering and commissioning of mechanical and plumbing systems that include central systems, geo-thermal, and stand-alone systems. He has held positions as Senior Project Engineer, Director of Commissioning, as well as President of the Energy and Engineering group of a fortune 5000 Company. Mr. Setzekorn has experience in all phases of construction and engineering that include system analysis and design, preparation of construction documents and specifications, field supervision, construction administration. He is a commissioning authority experienced in fundamental, enhanced, and building envelope commissioning activities, including retro-commissioning for a wide range of new and renovation projects types including commercial, healthcare, retail, educational, institutional, hospitality, and industrial.

Key Building Management Practices for Existing Buildings

It’s not a far stretch for many of us in the real estate world to relate to the phase “because we’ve always done it that way.” When it comes to building operations and maintenance, routines are helpful. Having set points for heating and cooling, and...

The Role of Building Envelope Commissioning in Sustainable Design

Careful consideration of the building envelope is essential to all modern construction and renovation projects. Whether you seek enhanced LEED certification or a more efficient building design, Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) will play an...

Energy Modeling as a Design Assist Tool

When it comes to designing new builds or renovations, energy planning is a real challenge — and is often deprioritized in the early design stages, with the focus being on design, engineering, and construction. However, if the planning of energy is...

Electrification 101--Part 2

The push to decarbonize buildings falls into the category of tactics toward the outcome of electrification. Since 39% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated from the built environment, decarbonizing buildings by reducing their reliance on...

Why We Support NGBS Projects

For several reasons, including significant opportunities for favorable funding/investments, residential projects often pursue sustainable building certifications. Whether projects are new or renovations, mixed-use or residential only, residential...

Defining the Scopes

Greenhouse gas emissions affect the planet’s health. They are produced (directly or indirectly) by almost every process in our fossil fuel-dependent world. And the sheer scale of these emissions, and surprisingly manageable ways to reduce them, are...

What Is Energy Modeling? [VIDEO]

Imagine that you’ve hired architects and a set of engineers to design a new 6-story office building that will have an upscale restaurant on the first floor. As the owner, would it be important for you to know what your energy bill will look like...