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Michael Fodor

One Step at a Time

In a recent blog, we talked about the journey of a sustainable building from the idea stage to decommissioning. One of the characteristics of a sustainable building is one or more third-party certifications, such as LEED, WELL, Fitwel, NGBS, or...

Sustainable Residential Buildings Attract Financial Incentives

Across the United States, government bodies have legislation that dictates requirements to achieve financial incentives such as tax abatement, loans and grants, and permit expedition. Sometimes the incentives are for residential or commercial...

It's Not Sustainable If It's Not For All

The availability of housing, and more specifically affordable housing, represents one of the most fundamental and significant challenges currently facing elected officials, community development organizations, and developers across the country. In...

Why Emerald

We spend a lot of time working. For many of us, we are working more now than we ever have. During the pandemic, for those of us who were fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, we frequently found ourselves existing in a constant state of...

All About EcoDistricts

Nearly one-half of the world’s population is currently living in cities--a figure that is projected to grow to two-thirds by 2050. The trend toward urbanization is clear, yet, in far too many instances, traditional development patterns have...

Realistic Financing Options for Net Zero Initiatives

Whether the objective is to achieve Net Zero or simply to get started with energy improvements, how to fund the work is an important piece of the puzzle. For commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare, K-12, higher ed and multi-family residential...

The Push Towards Net Zero Manufacturing--Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, we explored the reasons why the manufacturing industry is beginning to look to net zero as a key component of its strategy to improve its impact on the environment. In Part 2, we dive into the strategies that manufacturers...

What Does It Mean To Be A LEED Certified City or Community?

It is clear that the executive branch is not shy about its stance on climate change and sustainability. With the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Accords in January of this year, and a renewed pressure to take appropriate action to divert...

Becoming a Certified B Corporation

A traditional view of corporations is that they exist to leverage scale to maximize benefit to shareholders--the bigger it gets, the more efficiently it performs, the more profit can be captured. In this model, the primary responsibility of the...