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Susann Geithner

Understanding Green Architecture

Why do we need green architecture?

Over the course of the last century, buildings have been constructed mostly on a smaller scale, with chief consideration given to single buildings, or groups of developments, and less importance focused toward...

What Is Sustainable Architecture?

This sums up the concept of sustainable architecture quite well; though, there are many considerations that go into such building practices. As a whole, the most critical goal of green design is energy efficiency, which is achieved through myriad...

What Is A LEED Certified Building?

Over the last 20 years, the LEED program has grown from a single standard for new construction to a complete system of interrelated standards that focus on all aspects from LEED Certified building design and construction to maintenance and operation...

LEED Myth vs Fact

1) MYTH: LEED is a mandatory government regulation. 

FACT: LEED is a creation of the private sector and is strictly voluntary.LEED is not and will never become a tool for mandatory regulation. Private sector leaders established LEED in 2000 and it...

Top 12 Green Building Certifications

Green building certification overview:

First and foremost, health and wellness is top-of-mind with owners today akin to energy efficiency and ‘green’ was ten years ago. Focus on health and wellness requires a different level of design analysis and...

How to Combat Rising Construction Costs

Early Energy Modeling

Look at the Cost /Influence Relationship Curve above. The answer is right there. In order to reduce construction cost, we need to put more analysis into the planning and design of a project, that includes the energy systems of...

What is LEED Certification?

When we notice a certification label of any kind we acknowledge that a third-party has verified a claim of meeting specific standards is true and correct. LEED Certification means that a building’s sustainable performance claims were verified by a...