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How to Combat Rising Construction Costs

Early Energy Modeling

Look at the Cost /Influence Relationship Curve above. The answer is right there. In order to reduce construction cost, we need to put more analysis into the planning and design of a project, that includes the energy systems of...

What are LEED Certification Levels?

While LEED is the most often applied rating system across the globe, less than 50% of projects seek certification. There are two fundamental reasons why projects do not certify: fear of change and the myth that green building costs more.

What is LEED Certification?

When we notice a certification label of any kind we acknowledge that a third-party has verified a claim of meeting specific standards is true and correct. LEED Certification means that a building’s sustainable performance claims were verified by a...

What is LEED?

Works for every building type - from homes to universities at all phases of design and development. Projects pursuing certification earn credits points across key areas – The Site, Water and Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources, and Indoor...

Rental Property: DIY Water Savings

Let’s start with Water Savings.

There are a variety of ways, ranging from cheap, temporary improvements, to expensive appliances that can reduce your water consumption and help save money on utility costs. So, let’s start with some questions I often...

Rental Property: DIY Energy Improvements

Your gas and electric usage can vary depending on the appliances and type of heating/cooling system in your home. But regardless of what systems you have, there are some simple tips and tricks to follow to help reduce your energy consumption.


Rental Property: DIY Winter Season Savings

Don’t forget to check back for our last blog of the series on how to ready your home for summer savings.

What is a good temp set point for winter?

The best way to save money is to have a scheduled thermostat. Ideally, you want to keep your house at...